About Us

Diamond Mind Apparel came from one single thing: A positive thought. Created, founded, and solely operated by the owner, Chris Bonneau, this company was built to stand for something: Everything that sets your passion for success on fire. Upon this foundation, this company was birthed and built. We understand that life is extremely difficult and strenuous at times. Here at Diamond Mind Apparel, we understand that when you're feeling less than yourself, that when you look into the mirror, you may not always see the winner on the outside. That's where we come in. Even if you don't see the power on the inside, wearing our gear on the outside, will allow you to see what was always there. The winner on the INSIDE.


We see the power of the mind as the gateway to all that comes and goes in our lives on a daily basis. We chose the diamond because not only is it classified as a girl's best friend, but it's also the most precious gem on earth. Your thoughts about yourself should hold the same, and even greater value. THIS is what our company stands for. We fly high because we know what the mind is capable of. After shopping with us, trust and believe..you will too.